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Dates may fluctuate by a day or two due to flight and apartment availability
Due to trying to bring the best prices, at the right times, it is always down to the number of people.
Having people commit to coming on trips early is better but I realize not always possible,
however let me explain the break down.
Flight price go up and down on a daily basis.
Airlines know when to increase the fare. School and Bank Holidays we know are at prime rate.
Bank holidays may be different in the country you are going to.
Celebrity appearances, music and religious festivals that can pop up just like the flight prices do on
these occasion.
Question : Can I book my own flight?
Answer : Yes, but in doing so you may have added costs, transfer from airport to the apartment.
Also, as a group travelling together we get a bit more leeway with weight allowance.
Also the diving is arranged around everyone being there at the same time.
Accommodation. Practically any time you book accommodation you will see
“prices based on 2 or more sharing” so if you don’t fill the room you will be charged a
When arranging a group you cant guaranty an even number. Some people wouldn't want to share
with people they don’t know or opposite sex. This is what makes booking apartments difficult.
Question: Why stay at Billy's ?
Where we stay in Malta (Billy's apartment's) is not the cheapest
but has all the facilities we need in self catering apartments so you can cook if you wish.
It is out of the way of the main stream tourism spots (peaceful) but close to local supermarket's
and restaurants /bars (5min walk) but by far the reason we keep going back year after year is
it's diver friendly. Have you ever tried walking in to a hotel dripping wet dragging a bag of also
dripping wet dive kit in one hand and a cylinder banging off the marble floor in the other
while trying to keep a slipping weight belt round your waste? (not easy). If looks could kill.
Then up to what ever floor you might be on in the smallest lift in existence to be confronted
with at least 20 miles of corridor filled with cleaners and visitor's all wanting to go in the
opposite direction....... this is why we stay at Billy's.
You can drive almost in to your apartment wash kit in the outside shower and leave it
out to dry around the pool without getting dirty looks from the sun lounger stealing Europeans
(you know who you are) that frequent most holiday locations.
Its basic clean safe and convenient.
Car hire is expensive partly to do with the insurance they don’t seam to categorise the same as we
do in the UK there you have the legal basic insurance then they have a collision weaver which
means you still have an excess of around £500 to pay even if the accident damage cost £20
so you have to waiver the waiver that brings it down to around the £100 access,
then another that brings it to zero.
That doesn’t include tyres or windscreen that you have to get from a different company at further cost.
That still doesn’t cover keys (what a pain).
Then what size car or combination of cars.
So you can see taking it all in to account it's all about how many people want to go. I could
say a price that would cover the cost of any scenario that would probably be double
what we pay now so please if you are interested let me know early and book your place.
Tuesday 24th flights from London Gatwick
course: Advanced
Deep speciality
HOLIDAY Inc. flights. Transfers. Accommodation and transport to and from dive sites £450.00
does not include : Equipment hire
COURSE PACKAGE Inc. P.A.D.I Advanced course and 1 speciality all manuals, certification and
equipment (not cylinder and weight's) flights. Transfers. Accommodation and transport to and from
dive sites £800.00
Saturday 10th flights from London Gatwick 7 nights

Saturday 10th flights from London Gatwick 14 nights
courses :Advanced ,wreck speciality, deep speciality, multilevel speciality
17th - 24th More Experience divers only
Cost nearer the time .
Let us know if you are interested and we will let you know as soon as we know.

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