Open Water

The open water diver course is the first step in becoming an independent diver, a qualification recognized all over the world. However at this level you are restricted to a depth limit of 18 meters.

Students must be able to swim or snorkel a nominal distance

Tread water or float,

And be deemed medically fit to dive.

The course is divided in to 5 modular parts and three sections

1. Academics

2. Practical skills in confined water (pool)

3. Open water


The academic part of this course consists mainly of home study; there is a manual to read and a video/DVD to watch.

There are also five one hour 30 minute lectures to attend. Normally held directly before pool sessions.

There are 5/6 one hour pool sessions to learn and practise and skills needed to scuba dive safely.

Then four open water dives preferably done in the sea, but inland lakes or quarrys can be used. You'll  repeat skills learnt in confined water sessions.

Included are:  manuals,  equipment hire,  pool sessions, air,  log book,  diving tables and certification card.

Not included:

On open water dives it may be necessary to have an over night stay in a hotel /B&B.

Some inland dive sites require an entrance or parking fee. Students must provide their own transportation.


This course costs £330