Wreck Diving

There are many different reasons for why divers enjoy wreck diving, it creates a different world underwater.

Wrecks can stem from ships, boats, aircrafts, and automobiles, some of which are put down for diving purposes and others that have more historical backgrounds to why they are there.

Wrecks also become manmade reefs, which attract all kinds of aquatic life, pictures of the wreck and its new occupants make photos very interesting.

Wreck diving is lots of fun and there's lots to see, and you are pretty much going to see something new each time you wreck dive, so chances are your interest ....and passion will grow.

To qualify for the wreck diver course, an individual must:
  • Be certified as aPADI Open Water diver, or have equivalent rating
  • Be 15 years of age or older.

The wreck diver course includes four open water dives, which are conducted over at least two days.

 NB: As many wrecks lie in deeper waters it is recommended that the PADI Deep Diver speciality  course is considered as a prerequisite.